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Effective Detox ProgramsDetox Centers in Lubbock are healthy, clinically-supervised treatment facilities that assist addicts to take their first step towards recovery. The process of detoxification, often called detox, is designed to remove drugs and pollutants from the bloodstream, but it is important to take into account the difference between detox and rehab; detox on its own isn’t treatment. Detox doesn’t need to be intimidating if conducted in a controlled, medically-supervised environment, which is important since detox therapies vary depending on which substance is being used, and ‘cold turkey’ methods aren’t appropriate for all addictions. In fact, cold turkey can even be inappropriate in some circumstances, so Drug and Alcoholism Treatment Centers Lubbock makes use of healthy and proven methods that address each and every patient as individuals with different detox needs. For any inquiries, or to speak with a detox expert, call Drug and Alcoholism Treatment Centers Lubbock at 806-224-1555 today!

What to Expect from Detox

There are three basic stages that clients of Drug and Alcoholism Treatment Centers Lubbock can be expecting when they decide to enter detox. It is vital to first assess each and every client so as to analyze which substance, or substances, are being used. It is common for addicts to abuse more than one substance, commonly in combination with alcohol, which can affect the detox methods the client needs. Then, Detox in Lubbock detoxifies the patient’s bloodstream, eliminating damaging toxins and substances. Detox breaks the physical addiction to dangerous substances, however, it doesn’t rehabilitate the client, so Drug and Alcoholism Treatment Centers Lubbock encourages their clients to transition directly into a customized rehab treatment program which will support a lasting recovery.

Why Treatment Is So Important

Many people who are afflicted by substance addiction can also be affected by co-occurring mental problems, which complicate the treatment procedure if not correctly diagnosed and appropriately addressed in treatment. Rehabilitation is very important because, with no clear understanding of their problem, a lot of addicts find themselves in familiar situations that trigger their substance addiction. Relapse occurs more frequently when detox is used alone, and when people find themselves in the usual situations and locations where their drug and alcohol use was once heaviest. Treatment is a lot more efficient when the addict is removed from the environment that triggers their addictive habits.

Relapse is a lot more common when addicts participate only in detox, so Drug and Alcoholism Treatment Centers Lubbock urges their clients to continue right into a twenty-eight day, sixty day, or ninety day rehab programs to begin alcohol or drug treatment. Detox is strengthened in rehab, where people take part in individual and group therapy, the twelve-step community, and engaging diversions and physical activity. During rehabilitation, clients reside in beautiful, comfortable living accommodations that combine all of the benefits of inpatient living amenities with the affordability of outpatient accommodations. Moreover, clients keep busy with educational programs created to assist them in achieving their recovery and life goals.

Take the Initial Step Today!

Detox is more effective as initial step if followed by drug or alcohol rehab programs. Unlike many different treatment facilities, Drug and Alcoholism Treatment Centers Lubbock provides support and treatment programs after the detoxification process. Although detox cleanses the body of harmful substances and pollutants, it doesn’t address the triggers for alcohol and drug abuse in the first place. If a treatment facility offers detox programs, it sets up its clients for relapse; Detox Lubbock, Texas hopes that their clients stay clean and sober forever, and offers their clients the techniques to overcome drug and alcohol dependency in the future. Take the first step toward sobriety, and call 806-224-1555 to talk to an experienced and sympathetic specialist regarding detox programs.